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Extra-curricular activities

Hinchinbrook Public School offers a range of extra-curricular activities to students. 

Environmental group

The environmental group consists of student representatives from each grade at our school. The group is divided into 2 teams: the vegetable and plant team, and the litter and media team.

The vegetable and plant team are responsible for the maintenance of the school's vegetable garden. They meet every second week to water, weed and cultivate the vegetables we have growing in the veggie garden.

The litter and media team is responsible for educating students on keeping our school a clean environment. They meet every other week and think of fun and exciting ways we can remind students to pick up their litter and do the right thing. Some of the ways we educate students about picking up their rubbish are through posters placed around the school, messages at assemblies and written articles in the school newsletter. 

Both teams in the environment group work really hard to ensure our school environment is always healthy and clean.

Debating teams

Hinchinbrook Public School has two debating teams, senior and junior. The junior team participates in an in the school program. The senior team take their skills and knowledge to the Cowpasture Region Debating Competition. 

Library monitors

Every year, a group of Year 6 students are selected to be a part of the library monitors group. These students are responsible for assisting the teacher librarian in the maintenance of the library, including book returns and tidying the library. Our library monitors are also responsible for assisting duty teachers by letting students into the library during the second half of lunch so that they can use the resources contained within the library.